Dick and Betty Kay


Raised in a Christian home in Indiana, Betty accepted Christ as her Savior as a child. At age 19, Betty surrendered her whole life to Jesus and immediately immersed herself in missionary service. She was trained in Child Evangelism ministry, and she and another single young woman traveled by mail boat to the interior of Mexico and the islands of the Bahamas to hold Bible clubs. They were the first white people many of the islanders had ever seen.

Born and raised in New York, Dick was an atheist until he heard the gospel for the first time at age 22. Nine month later, he traveled to Nassau, Bahamas and joined the Island Missionary Society. It was there, on the island of Great Inagua, that Betty and Dick met. The next year, in June of 1963, they were married.

During the early years of ministry, Dick went on to pursue a BA in Missions from Moody Bible Institute and later a MA degree in Missiology from Fuller Seminary Seminary's School of World Mission and Church Planting.

Dick and Betty's ministry has been in evangelism and discipleship leading to the starting of churches, Inagua Gospel Chapel in the Bahamas and Abraham Street Bible Church and Baintown Bible Church in Nassau. These two churches in Nassau were started in the most violent ghettos of the city, where God miraculously brought several hundred of the most violent criminals to Himself between 1976 and 1979.

In January of 1983, as Field Director of the Island Missionary Society, Dick signed an agreement with the Jamaica Evangelistic Mission to work alongside them in their efforts to reach the lost in Jamaica. During the next three years, Dick made many trips to Jamaica, holding seminars and making an island-wide survey of areas where churches needed to be planted. In January 1987, he and Betty moved permanently to Kingston. By God's grace, a church was established in Kingston, three churches in the parish of St. Catherine, and three churches in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

Most of Dick and Betty's 54 years of ministry has been working with the depressed and ghetto peoples of the Bahamas and Jamaica. They made many trips to Haiti, assisting with various ministries, and several trips to Cuba with their Jamaican believers, assisting in starting a church.

Dick and Betty were blessed with two children, Lori and Richard II (Bud), who have both served in missions.

Lori and her husband Rick worked as medical missionaries to a remote indian village in Bolivia, and in recent years, they have lived in Santa Cruz, where they serve as Field Directors for World Gospel Mission's work in that nation. They have one daughter, Kaylynn.

Bud and his wife Lynda have spent the past twenty years with Betty and Dick in Jamaica, involved in evangelism, discipleship and church planting. They are now in Indiana on a three year leave from overseas ministry to put their two children, JD and Dana, through their last years of high school.

Dick and Betty are not sure what the Lord will be having them do in their retirement years, but are praying and looking to the Him for direction.